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We cannot wait to take care of you.

•The experience starts when you use our online booking system to request an appointment. We will double-check the date, time, and that the services you selected make sense for your hair goals and we'll make it a date!

•You will be walked through a thorough consultation process. We will plan out not just your first visit, but a long term plan to make sure all your hair goals are met.

•We will develop a unique color formula, haircut, and treatment plan and store it in our database so you know you are always getting consistent results.


•There will be a variety of refreshments available to keep you comfortable while your color processes.

•To wrap up your visit, you will receive styling tips and recommendations for at home care.

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Please head to our online booking site to request an appointment.

Not sure what to book? No problem. Send us an email with a couple well lit pictures of your hair now and your desired color and we will help you get your appointment set up!

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